Dear reader, my valiant Unknown Soldier,

Thank you for stopping by. If you’re reading this then chances are that you’re longing for luscious dolce vita style meals, echoing with imperial ruins and Vespa rides through the sidestreets of the eternal city par excellence, a panino in your bag.

Rome. A place that’s like an open air museum, disseminated with monumental masterpieces from the Colosseum through Piazza Navona to the 80 years old lady cleaning artichokes – Roman food scene’s sacred graal - at the food market. A slice of the historic and a wink at the contemporary gastronomic culture, that’s exactly what “As The Romans Do” is about. But not only.

This is a cookbook to butter and splatter that will tickle and invigorate your taste buds. I hope it becomes an integral part of your kitchen and you’ll fill it with personal notes and tomato sauce stains.

It’s made with love and its pages spark up with food ideas that you can enjoy simply as they are or freely contaminate with your own touch.

This patchwork of recipes and anecdotes is developed much in the fashion of a day in the life of a Roman, each chapter punctuating a different time of the day. You’ll find crispy pastries to get you started bringing you the magic of the Italian coffee-at-the-counter routine, vibrant packed snacks (merende) and lunch on the run options, a perfect fit for those busy weekdays. Then family lunches to feed a crowd and recipes for two if you’re up for romance. I’ll explain you all about #foodhappiness and the power of organized improvisation and we’ll indulge in midnight munches with delicious dishes that take few minutes to make and fewer to wipe out.

The images will catapult you right in the very heart of the Italian capital. They’ve been taken by talented David Loftus and are evocative of an off-the-beaten-track lifestyle. The book contains tons of short stories and tips on how to live Rome like a local to share with friends and family, or simply enjoying reading while curling up on the couch. I’ll tell you how a Carbonara pasta is remindful of those orange splashed Roman sunsets and how Rome is the only town in the world where people of all kinds mix together in an almost contradictory way: you see the vagabond with the prince, the lawyer with the butcher, the florist with that mysterious lady always dressed in black. Just look at the way most people walk, literally trascinati, almost as if dragged by an invisible force, a form of vigorous sloth, just like my dragged savoy cabbage.

Hoping to have transmitted you what Romanity is all about so that from now on, when in Rome, you won’t help it but do…. As The Romans Do.


Baci & abbracci,