Falling leaves, lifting flavours

As the season go by, I realize how meteoreopathic we all are. Autumn puts me in such a reflective mood, and I love the effects of its natural light chromotherapy. Nothing but a ray of sun or a dramatic and beautiful dance under the rain can enhance an intention, the profusion of a detail. Spending a Parisian morning with author of blog Tresor Parisien Aisling Greally, we discussed on the importance of sourcing the ingredients of our food shopping directly from the producers. Our stroll at Marché de la Bastille in the heart of the Marais neighbourhood was indeed fruitful, choosing our ingredients directly brought to the Parisian market stalls from Burgundy, Provence, Normandy... and a little further, to be exotic and get a little inventive why not. Back home, I came up with this healthy dessert or snack fruity recipe, to be enjoyed while watching the falling red and brown leaves from the window, in full #foodhappiness swing. Ingredients for 2 persons:

  • 1 ripe mango
  • 1 unwaxed organic lemon (the juice)
  • 50 gr. organic walnut pieces
  • 50 gr. pomegranate seeds

This is truly easy. Just peel the mango off its skin with the aid of a knife. In order to make a clean job, hold the fruit vertically and cut it in stripes, then proceed onto cutting the upper and bottom parts. Once done so, cut the fruits into dices and place in two dessert bowls. On top of the mango, splash the lemon juice and, evenly, the walnut pieces and the pomegranate seeds. Mix well and enjoy immediately or with yoghurt in the morning.

With love and pomegranate,


Photo Credits @TresorParisien

It's #romanity. Sneak peek #7

In a world where opinion leaders /development leaders, even impatient leaders thrive to handle worldly opinions, being a cauliflower leader is as near to #foodhappiness as #romanity can lead me to. That's the state of the art, for me at least. Do you get the message?cauli1

And so, I often find myself giggling through the eternal city's narrow streets, in search for the perfect spot to stop by for a well deserved crowd-rescuing moment.


The best places in Rome to find solitude are the least visited. Look for them outside the beaten-track, just like the arty and sooo ever-green Caffè della Pace, only steps away from Piazza Navona, yet totally inserted in a bohemian and exclusive atmosphere. Don't mind Dolores, the cuckoo lady who stops by , her entertaining stories, fire red lipstick, as well as her decadent allure are part of the whole charm.


In a city where the past comes as a glorified and refined definition of the eyes who see through it, finding yourself can be as easy as climbing the Roman symbol for excellence: the Colosseum. You might even be taken for one of its inhabitants, if you don't pay attention at details like closing the door before leaving any kind of space. You would otherwise be shouted at: "Ehy, what is it with you? Do you live in the Colosseum?".


The most inspiring place to reflect and observe the moveable feast of our life (as Hemingway would put it), is the church, any church in Rome really, the city has over 900 of them. Their history define the artistic, religious and intellectual soul of the city. Between many abbeys, 4 papal basilica, the Medieval, the Gothic, the Renaissance or the Baroque styled, the choice is huge, and always a corner away from anywhere in the historical centre of town.


And as the situation calls for it (in Rome as in life more in general), always stay grounded, but with your eyes up!


It's #romanity. Sneak peek #4

What If I told you that we could go back in time, exactly between 1957 and 1975, just by walking in the narrow streets of Rome? 500one

It is possible, with the first ever and surprisingly elegant city car of all: the one and only Fiat 500. But that is not all. Think about all those producers that bring you joy: florists, groceries suppliers and "pasticceri" alike, they all use a three wheels minivan, the Ape, to get around the city. And often run in the risk of parking it abusively. But ehy, that's #romanity, too.


To indulge or not to indulge? That seems to be the question, even though the answer is so frequently: yes, come on, it's only a little pastry. "Pastarelle", as we call it in Rome, are those sweet delights filled with cream and fruits aromas that men bring back home to their wives for Sunday lunch. When it comes to traditions, some are just better kept up, wouldn't you agree?


Whether in front of the most secluded and splendid fountain,


or among the ever wonderful, ever green cypresses along the Via Appia Antica,


Rome lets you find pleasures that allow you to get exclusively at ease with yourself. Finally again. The smell of fresh coffee (taken religiously standing up at the bar),


accompanied by a doughnut, can make you rethink the concept of doing a u-turn, either it being a spiritual or a practical one. It is true, as they say in Italy, that not all doughnuts come with a hole - not everything can be perfect. As long as there's #foodhappiness. Fashionably so. Thanks to Renato Balestra.


On a sweet tone, I leave you to make the most of the rest of the week!


All pictures are taken by the extraordinary eye of Cucina Digitale