A stellar lunch

Pappardelle are an egg pasta shape typical of Tuscany. The land of hunt for excellence endorses this pasta with meat based sauces, such as hare, wild boar and the association of truffles and mushrooms. I love the fact that some products can only be found in certain locations at a certain time of the year, hence making them all the more appealing and their consumption celebratory. I remember going mushroom hunting, as a kid, in the Monte Amiata area, nearby Siena. Running free into the wild to then come back home and prepare all sorts of sauces and conserves. Whereas mushrooms can also be identified by amateurs, the white truffle hunting is a unique blend of heritage and expertise. Hunts are conducted with professionals of the sector, along with dogs endowed with a special nose for all things truffly.

An ingredient very difficult to find away from Italy, I was happy to be able to have it on my table for lunch this morning, thanks to the Tiberino products. What's amazing is that, since 2007, these products are at the forefront of the food supply for the austronautes on mission aboard the International Space Station with NASA. I wonder if they, like me, opt for a “scarpetta”: after overindulging in my pappardelle with mushrooms and white truffle oil, you take a piece of bread and clean the rest of the plate off the delicious leftover sauce. Strictly with your hands. Beware of all imitations.

With love and pappardelle,