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Dreaming of celebrating the quintessential of sliced meats and cheeses? Bob Spiegel is the chef at Pinch Food Design in NYC, and his co-owner of TJ Girard, designing unique serving pieces that bring the foods to life. Food does a lot when we’re not looking. In the impish photography of French artist Benoit Jammes, food’s secret life is more athletic. Jammes’ new series of Skitchen photographs captures a banana grinding a rolling pin, a kiwi ollieing off a faucet, and a lemon using a giant glass jar as a pipe. They all fare much better than an unfortunate tomato, who bites it trying to land a trick.


Just eat it. It's hard to look at these stylish packages of citrus fruit, bearing  a celebrated iconic swoosh, without having the athletic company's famous slogan "Just do it" immediately come to mind. And that's precisely the point. The goal of the exhibition Wheat is Wheat is Wheat by visual artist Peddy Mergui is to explore how packaging manipulates our perceptions and desires.


There's no better design that the simple dish that host your fuming pasta. As the celebrated Italian actor Alberto Sordi put it: "Dear spaghetti, did you provoke me? Then I'm gonna eat you up!"

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