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Martini, it's time for aperitivo

For me, transmitting gastronomical heritage is key to a functioning passing of the baton. To exist, tradition must evolve and trespass its own boundaries. I'm proud to annouce my partnership with Martini ® as their brand ambassador in France. For them, I'm introducing the concept of aperitivo. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fbbp3aOdLL4

In fact behind every dish there's a story I decode with anecdotes, the characters animating them, the art, the land. Whether in Paris, London or New York, with my friends and family we often find ourselves at dawn for a drink. In Italy we do too, but our way. We call this pre-dinner time the aperitivo time. We share a cocktail and we accompany it with very generous buffets of antipasti. Food is central.

So it's a journey to the heart of Italy that I propose to discover through four major cities: Milan, Turin, Rome and Naples. Come on I'll take you, andiamo!

With love and a cocktail,


At home in the Amalfi Coast - part 1

The tormented love story between the popular actress Anna Magnani and the intellectual movie director Roberto Rossellini was consumed at the outlet of a valley overlooking a tiny village called Furore that, with its 700 inhabintants, is part of the UNESCO world heritage. il-fiordo-di-furore-costa-d-amalfi-257

It's among the steps of this rural community that, in 1948, Rossellini set the shooting of the central episode of the film “L'amore”. Wild and overdramatic, Anna Magnani played the main character. It’s the story of a shepherd girl who becomes pregnant, convinced to be about to give birth to a divine being.


For those of you who, after my tiny hints spread out from my Instagram account, have been wondering about where my next location would have been for my foodie adventures, well there you have it.

The Amalfi Coast, an amazingly meandering piece of coast where rocky clefts fall sheer onto the most pristine Mediterranea sea.


Anna & Roberto (aka Magnani and Rossellini), tired after the day of film shooting, would go to have a meal at a tiny place overlooking the bay and its world-famous fjord, “da Bacco”.  Among the owner recollection is the memory of a furious (an adjective not to be attributed to the inhabitants of the village but, rather, to a state of mind) Anna throwing a dish right on the head of the celebrated director, who was splitting up with her over the passion for Swedish born actress Ingrid Bergman.

_MG_3717Of those dishes now it’s left nothing but a tradition, impeccably brought forward by the wise hands of Erminia Cuomo. This delightful lady is the wife of Furore’s well respected mayor Raffaele Ferraioli, who is known to be as very dedicated to his cause. Their children help run the business in a dreamy atmosphere that I couldn't imagine still existed in my adored Italy.

_MG_3468That's who I'd call an amazing character, one Rossellini would have loved to star in one of his movies. She was only 21 when she got married and took the reins of this incredible restaurant located on the hill of this village exploding with raw nature and unsurpassed tastes. This true lady of the kitchen doesn’t’ claim any gastronomic status, yet she’s just something else. Her humbleness and vivid generosity is the curtain to a universe of utter gastronomic delight.

_MG_3490She told me about the joys of cooking the "ndundero", a kind of homamade gnocchi which differs from it since the dough it's made with flour and ricotta (instead of potatoes). The perfect way to greet Santa Trofimena, the patron saint of the small Amalfi coast village of Minori. All over the south of Italy, celebrating the saint protector of any given town is a must. You'll see ceremonies, parades and religious processions. It's always interesting to have the opportunity to participate to one of these occasions, since the food abounds in the streets too. And there's no better way to get to know a population than by their foods, hands down!

_MG_3698Fish abounds in this area too, directly from sea to table. Hence not much decoration, just fresh crunchiness. Erminia cooked a seabass for me wrapped in a delightful transparent parchment paper tied with a lovely string. Not one plate is the same when this shy lady is around. There's no uniformity, no set style. So much personality. Every mouthful is just delicious.


The tomatoes Erminia uses are protected by the Slow Food association, and her biscuits, well her biscuits... They were served to me dipped in a homemade red wine sauce called wine elixir: it's made with Aglianico wine, aromatic spices and accompanied by these truly amazing tozzetti biscuits. Typically from Tuscany, the original version has them with almonds but these ones were cooked with the most perfumed nuts, the amazing and protected type (as if animals in extinction), from Giffoni.

_MG_3780About this and a few others unique realities still existing in this fascinating land called Amalfi Coast I'm going to tell you about, in this following week filled with #foodhappiness, encounters, off the beaten track itineraries and the most fascinating stories. To find on my blog daily in 7 parts starting from today, in collaboration with Pasta Rummo_MG_3821With love from a room with a view.


photo credits @ Cibando

It's #romanity. Sneak peek #6

I am not fishing for compliments. fish1

But Romans are, constantly, all the time. The term "coatto" should ring a bell to all of those who seek the company of authentic Roman types. A coatto person is the kind of guy that you would find out at the local bar or square. Naturally restless, impatient at the monotony due to its inactivity, he tends to react with strong emotions and hence has a passion for the sport in general, motorcycles and modified sports cars.


The typical Roman guy believes the rest of us as apathetic, passive people. Don't mistake his quarrelsome behavior as really rude, in most cases it's just the after-effects of a lust for life. He would wear flashy clothing in contrast with the ordinary fashion. Most of the time you would see him reckless driving and doing hilarious bravado, within the instance of vitality, and a "will to live".


I am not fishing for compliments, really.


But I have a sense these fishes do.


Look at their shining skin, and those magnetic eyes..It's all about the eye really. When purchasing the right fish you should always stick with those carrying a vivacious allure with them. Make the choice of buying fishes which actually swim in our seas, in order to promote local businesses.


Choose fishese that are not too big in size: the bigger the fish, the greater is the possibility that it contains an accumulation of toxic substances. The only thing you should get toxic about is pristine, utter beauty.

The best days to consume fish in #romanity style are:

- Tuesdays: the fish is at its freshest. Beware of restaurants trying to serve you fish on a Monday in the eternal city, as it would be at least 2 days old. You would be left with a vague stomach-hache that no walk into #romanity could spare you.

- Fridays: Traditionally for the Catholic world, this is the day of Jesus Christ's passion, hence it's a meat-free day. Romans love the combination of codfish & chickpeas. In #foodhappiness we trust.


Have a lovely weekend,


All pictures here are too good to be true here thanks to the lens of Cucina Digitale

It's #romanity. Sneak peek #3

The Tiber river flows at a speed of 876 litres per second. The human body is composed by water for more than 60%. Experts all agree in suggesting a daily intake of water of 2 litres. acqua5

No task could be easier when in Rome. Water in Rome is good for you; actually, it's the best you could find in Italy, due to the hygienic safety guaranteed by the absence of microbiological indices. In other words, it's filled with minerals and excellent for fastening up that methabolysm! acqua4

Water is an ever present element in many Fellini's movies scenes, celebrating La Dolce Vita, its excesses and its fragilities. For example, in the most celebrated 8 1/2 movie its protagonist, interpreted by Marcello Mastroianni, is looking for fountains all over Rome in a quest of lost purity.


When it comes to private affairs and their disclosure, all Italians agree on one thing: you don't air your dirty laundry in public.


There's nothing better, on a sunny sunday, than taking my bycicle and hop on a regional train with destination: the sea - il mare!


When it comes to #romanity, acqua6

it's always best to combine together something old, something new, something borrowed. A fountain, a fabulous Fendi outfit, a bunch of grapes ( like Bacchus would have loved them). And just like that, it's #foodhappiness time!


Happy sunday folks!


All pictures are taken by talented Cucina Digitale