Scenes from a Japanese tea ceremony

Amongst the things that remind me of what a great deal of life is dedicated to celebration is the Japanese Tea Ceremony, also known as The Way of Tea,  which tradition has endured for over 1200 years. No wonder why the #foodhappiness transmitted during my cooking workshops rings a bell to many.

In Paris, I took part in this Japanese cultural activity which revolves around both the preparation and presentation of matcha (powdered green tea). It's such a solemn performance that the art of its ceremony can be studied in universities and colleges all over Japan.

The tea gathering I literally bumped into, took place in a marvellous shop located in the Rue de Seine and wholly dedicated to this sublime art, Jugetsudo. Jugetsudo means “the place from where one looks at the moon.” At the time it was established, in the 1854, its founder Maruyama Nori had in mind this sentiment towards nature so particular to the Japanese heart of deeply savoring the existence and the passing of the seasons. From ancient times, the Japanese have been attuned to the worship of nature, knowing how to savor its beauty, as for example, the view of the moon rising in the sky and glowing onto the mountain slope, reflecting in the water. While contemplating this backdrop, they would write poems and have tea, and present offerings to the full moon at harvest time.

With love and matcha,


Cooking Team Building

Last week I headed to Paris in order to conduct a cooking team building for the luxury watches brand Officine Panerai,

an historic watchmaking that combines the design and the Italian creativity with Swiss technology and the passion for the sea. The cooking workshop took place in the sensational setting of the Italian Cultural Institute, which is located in the heart of the city of lights' 7th arrondissement, on the rather glittering yet conservative Rue de Grenelle. It's always great to discover wonderful places inside the ville lumière bringing about a breath of fresh air involving cultural events, talks and activities.

The concept behind this brand gastronomic consultancy was to define the concepts that link the Italian gastronomic culture to the essence of the firm's philosophy. Embracing our lifestyle and habits through a storytelling on the origin of the dishes proved to be the perfect way to involve the different teams working in the retail section of Panerai France.

At the end of each workshop, teams were given a recipe booklet with a little Italian food culture background (there's no food without an historical background)  and then, bien sur, all the recipes that they could easily replicate at home. The partner of the event was the celebrated coffee maker producer Bialetti. Away from all globalization-centric industrial ways of making coffee, we decided to take the Moka and each member of the group gave it a go.

At the end of the 2 days full on the Italian Gastronomic Culture, a reception has been organized in the premises of the Institute. Here is where Vuthéara, an active member of the Instagram Community, joined me for a talk, a few drinks, and...

why not, a few photos. This camera virtuoso has been the official photographer for the guides to the city of Paris in 2013. Here is how the amazingly talented eye of Vuthèara sees me:


With #foodhappiness and love,


Made exception for this last shot, all photo credits go to Olivia Magris.

My tasty week...Young and Foodish

I discovered how to efficiently fight my usual adversion for mondays: it can be solved thanks to wooden mirrors and.. the use of magnesium, which properties are beneficial for both our body and soul. foto-141

Oranges are good for you, whether you want to get over a winter flu or you want to give that perfect citrus hint to a meat serenade, as I discovered this week while cooking for a bunch of ladies - yes, the Roman Witches Supper Club is back .


Talking about preserving your health, I find it difficult to figure out the extent to which people might be or not intolerant to certain products, meeting so many of you guys during my weekly Cooking Workshops. Truth is, that many find it difficult to digest peppers. These amazing vegetables, containing vitamin A and 90% of water, come with something of a bitter taste. However, if properly roasted and eventually peeled off, they gain the sweetness they deserve and are perfect if served with some extra virgin olive oil and white wine vinegar.


So excited about a special project I'm involved in. Please find below a little hint, tell me what you think it entails and stay tuned for further developments over the next few weeks.


How are you going to treat yourself during these cold winter weekend mornings? Prepare yourself a savoury fried egg delight this weekend following these easy steps.

Ingredients for 2 Fried Eggs Delights:

  • a Pastry Cutter
  • 2 Slices of Rye Bread
  • 2 Eggs
  • 100 gr. Soft Cheese
  • Salt
  • Pepper

Preheat the oven at 200°. Place the slices of bread one on top of the other and proceed by cutting 2 rounds with the appropriate pastry cutter. Let them become crunchy in the warm oven for about 5 minutes. Then spread a generous amount of a soft cheese of your choice (I love to use stracchino). In the meanwhile, cook an egg per time, directly inside the pastry clutter's form, in a small pan with a hint of warm oil. After a couple of minutes the egg will be ready, and you will simply need to place it on top of the beautiful round of bread, adding salt, pepper and fresh erbs as you prefer.


Have a rocking #foodhappiness weekend everyone,