Mesmerizing Food Ideas

For those of you who know my food style, I get loads of inspiration from worldwide homefood. Research can be endless, and it can get you to peaks of gourmet paradise as well as unrequired, indigestive hell. Then there's purgatory, or better, Le Purgatoire, a parisian space where delightful homefood meets design in the form of temporary art exhibitions. A private dining room sitting up to 16 people and cooking classes on the go for the fresh produce seekers. The atmosphere is upscale bobo (bourgeois bohémien) and the space captivating. But the most exciting item of all is Alain Cirelli's creation, le crayon du Purgatoire (Purgatory's pencil): this pencil, created by adding water and agar-agar, can be sharpened directly on the dish, driving it to new tasty dimensions.  We'll always have Paris gets to the next level. crayons-condiment-purgatoire-alain-cirelli-2-700x364

When taste is not (only) about food in the plate. This is what the online magazine Fine Dining Lovers is about. And what could the main covered subject be today? But of course, The World's 50 Best Restaurants evening, which was held last night in London and minutely detailed on all social networks, with René Redzepi's pride and joy winning, that is Noma restaurant in Copenhagen, a place I would love to discover later on in the year.


I'm always amazed at those who take it as a life mission to improve the food system. That's what Philip Lymbery has done with the now best-selling book about the true cost of cheap meat, Farmageddon. The organization behind this epiphany is the UK based CIWF (Compassion in world farming) that won battles to ensure animal welfare is protected by law, influencing change in the way animals reared for food are perceived by consumers and food suppliers; they are being joined by leading voices from the environmental, humanitarian and scientific communities to challenge intensive, industrialised farming. Definitely worth having a look at.


Turning food photography into images of a sexual nature is hardly the most original thing in the world, but turning it into a fetish certainly is. Don't you get shivers by looking at this? I do!


Check out the rest of Doherty’s incredible portfolio of work and editorial photos for the New York Magazine over on his website.

Be inspired!