Flying food ideas

When your taste buds are way above the clouds, your normal sense of taste goes right out of the aeroplane’s window. Now airlines are trying to find ways to get our appetites back on track. So, according to BBC,  airlines have to give in-flight food an extra kick, by salting and spicing it much more than a restaurant on the ground ever would. Often, recipes are modified with additional salt or seasoning to account for the cabin dining atmosphere. The combination of dryness and low pressure reduces the sensitivity of your taste buds to sweet and salty foods by around 30%. Toast is popping up all over. According to USA today, it's one of the hot new tastes of 2015, along with seaweed and chocolate dark enough to resemble a black hole. This was toast as in the flavor of roasted bread, dripping with melted butter and possibly with a light dusting of sugar and cinnamon.

If you’ve ever exercised to lose weight, while reading the Washington Post, there’s a good chance the following thought has crossed your mind: “I worked out so hard. I deserve a treat!” It’s also pretty likely that you indulged post-workout in some food you’d deemed forbidden — or consumed more than usual — and in so doing ate back all the calories you burned.


It’s January and with the New Year, New diet stories are everywhere—and suddenly so is the topic of broth, which is heating up on Forbes. The terms broth, bouillon and consommé are interchangeable, but the broth making news is bone broth or a rich, gelatinous stock made from boiling meat, fish and vegetables which results in a taste and flavor profile that is a far cry from its mass-produced cousins. The current broth boom is linked to the still popular Paleo diet, which lists broth as a staple.

Looking for some recipes? Here is the Huffington Post's list of 9 Vegan Food Hacks That Are The Height Of Inventiveness.

In a 1951 video on good eating habits, Bill races through breakfast, bolts his lunch like a coyote, spends the money he was supposed to buy soup with on candy and pop and has a desultory dinner. Naturally, he is sluggish while playing with his sweet train set. Later, he gets an excruciating stomach ache that can only be cured by a good night's sleep. With the help of the narrator, Bill learns to slow down and savor his meals and also to stay away from the junk food. In these fast paced times, can't we all take a page from Bill's book and slow down?

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