as the romans do

My book "As The Romans Do" is a wrap

I missed you, too. After much food-writing, food-styling, food-testing back and forth between the stove, my computer, my publisher's HQ in London, David Loftus photography studio, and my beloved Rome, it's  finally a wrap. Some amongst you could follow the much hectic process through my Instagram. My debut cookbook, "As The Romans Do" has gone into production now and will be released on June, 2nd 2016. How could I know just a year ago that so many pieces needed to fall into place in order to make this happen? Well, I simply had no idea.

There has been the book proposal, followed by the content brainstorming - a plethora of things to say and just so much space (blame the author's irrepressible ego).

Recipe testing: three to four times in order to perfect each recipe to satisfaction, thanks to a wide range of very hungry and incredibly patient friends and my clients, both corporate and private through La Belle Assiette (more to come in the book's Acknowledgements).

Then the very reserved moment of actually filling up those blank pages, often with elaborate anecdotes to transmit the very cinematic context in which my recipes were created - I mean, we're talking seriously Dolce Vita Rome, guys. And the recurring questions: "Did I express everything I needed to say, was it clear enough for the audience to grasp?"

A little later, the most exciting time arrived: the photography for the book. We've been in Rome for the outdoors and in London for the studio photography, shooting up to 10 recipes a day with the help of an incredibly brilliant team. There was a food stylist making sure the cherry was always on the cake, Emily Ezekiel, a prop-stylist delivering the atmosphere of a Roman home into the studio, Linda Berlin along with an amazing in-house art director, Juliette Norsworthy. And numerous helpers that have proved valuable in cooperating especially during those quite inevitable yet crucial: "We're missing a piece of Parmigiano" moments.

Copy-editing was next, followed by the layout decisions. This entire experience has shaped my artistic voice into exactly who I want to be, right at this stage in my career, and I couldn't be more honoured for being able to send my message across so vividly to such a wide audience.

And that I owe to my brilliant online community, YOU.

It's good to be back to blogging, a dimension that leads my creativity to explore unknown places hence providing me with an always wider sense of what's possible.

My book is now available for pre-order on Amazon, just click on the link here to have it at your door right upon launching date.

I hope you'll forgive my temporary absence, but it was for the good cause and I'm now back in track with loads of new adventures to share in the near future.

And I cannot wait to experience it with you.

Baci & abbracci,