We Are Leone

Pop up your life

I love pop-ups. In fact, as some of you know, I provide my food services (amongst other things) with off the beaten track bespoke pop-up events. This term alone clicks with boosting creativity, raising inspiration, twisting on cared improvisation. This ephemeral concept allows brands to be in uncategorized spaces in order to run free into new customers and opportunities. All in a limited timeframe. It's like having those 15-minutes-only in front of the audience and proving them about the feasibility of one's project. And that I find thrilling. On the forefront of this exciting experience called The Space is the very lovely Julia Tinkerbell Van Hagen who has conceived this amazing reunion idea of fashion talents in a dedicated space over 5 years ago. Since then, she's been hosting pop-up stores in any corner of the (utterly civilised and tremendously glamorous, bien sur) world you can think of, you name it.


With her in Paris these next few days, in association with Parisian PR wonderwoman Sonia Diop, an array of truly talented artisans of the fine fashion making. Their care in the details and the provenience of the textiles makes me think about its correspondance with products sustainability (the Slow Food chain) and the importance of tradition.

There are  Van Palma and We Are Leone with their handmade crêpe de soie kimonos and hats. Luz Collections is a bio and glamorous South American swimsuits line, whereas Pallome design delightful bags in jeans and cotton while Torula goes for the city accessible luxury version. Very Parisian indeed but mischievously Italian are the handmade hats signed by milliner Veronica Marucci.

Among the edible gifts, a few extraordinarily tasty gingerbreads to take home to your loved one. I got back home with a bag filled with goodies and with my purse not too hurt. Thumbs up to accessible luxury!

The Space Pop Up, December 11th-13th 117, rue Saint Honoré Paris (75001) from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. MÉTRO : Palais Royal- Musée du Louvre SITE : thespace.fr

With love and gingerbreads,