The foodie parlour - a Foodscape

Every special occasion should be marked with a smell, or a taste. Preferably all of the above. At least this is what my #foodhappiness movement is all about. For me, making these delicious puff pastries was the perfect welcoming gift to greet my cooking workshop clients yesterday. foto(4)

Today, the urban foodie for excellence carefully tries out new hip restaurants as well as established ones, and revives its palate as much as a fashionista incessantly renovate their wardrobe. Let's be careful, though, about non confonding taste with haste. In small villages and big cities alike, the best spots are often off the beaten track. In Rome, food and lifestyle meet exquisitely in the family run, old fashioned Cavalier Gino, a former bottiglieria (wine cellar)


Thanks to a dear friend who promotes socio-environmental initiatives aimed primarily at young people through her wonderful Staanoi (literally translated, "It's up to us"),

A pic from Sta a noi - the Calendar

I discovered Ted, an incredible online platform allowing all those who have an idea worth spreading, to turn it into an hopefully unforgettable speech. The american way, of course; hence full of wit, humour, - I'm talking to you so don't try and avoid it - inspiring quick ideas. Here is where I discovered this amazing 11 years old kid whose video is worth over 1 million clicks; his name is Birke Baher, and he makes an account about the dark side of the industrialized food system. His statement? "Think local, choose organic, know your farm and know your food".

Birke Baehr

I always thought Hansel and Gretel's witch has been the centre of a huge historical misunderstanding. After all, what would you do as your newly renovated house would be devoured by two people? It's from these oniric and fairy tale inspired ideas that the art of Carl Warner takes form, with its Foodscapes project and website. I got mesmerized by this amazing broccoli and salad's landscape.


She knew how to gently mix it, stir it and serve it: it was all about a certain pose and a wise mix of spicy double entendre and formal etiquette. This explosive woman was Irene Brin, and, for those of you in Rome, an exhibition is dedicated solely to her in the spaces of the Costume and Fashion Accademy.

Irene Brin