Nubio - Veggies paradise

I'm what you would call a débutante when it comes to cutting down on meals. I love the whole idea of sitting down and become conscious with my whole system of the moment I'm living, this #foodhappiness I'm proclaiming as my motto, that comes with a grin on our face once we're in front of a dish, ready to fully enjoy it. However, it's all about how we take care of ourselves to be perfectly equipped in order to face life and its beautiful challenges. And so I did it, too. Spending a day on liquids only. As the name suggests, liquid diets mean you're getting all, or at least most, of your calories from drinks. Rumour has it that the smartest way to detox in Paris comes in a box of 6 bottles a day, and it's called Nubio.

This cure, based on vegetable juices, superfoods (which I talked about earlier here) and organic cold-pressed fruits basically helps one's body to get rid of accumulated toxins. The mineral intake of juice stimulates the elimination of toxins. Indeed, the digestion of food requires considerable energy - we feel it after a huge lunch or dinner.

I tasted these juices and, surprisingly since I'm an omnivore, I found them so flavourful that not only did I not miss solid foods (the energy value of all the juices for a day is about 1250 kcal.), but I would go back for more. So I got curious. Who's behind such an enlightened project? I figured it would be a farmer or someone linked with the agricultural world. I was so wrong. This business is led by two exquisite twenty-something girls, Claire Nouy et Gabrielle Rotger, both yoga and pasta addicted,  who've taken over a workshop in the Bastille area of Paris. There, every day, they follow the production of these heavenly bottles step by step, from the selection of the organic producers to the final client delivery by the courier. An atelier located at the heart of the 11th arrondissement, is the place where fresh juices get cold pressed daily from raw ingredients issued from organic agriculture to finally obtaint inundating juices filled with nutrients and vitamins.

The ingredients are seasonal and delicious: fruits like pear, lemon, apple; vegetables such as carrot, fennel, spinach and celery get all spiced up with coconut water,  turmeric, hibiscus, parsley, rosemary, ginger, chia seed, almond, dates and vanilla.

Nothing like such a cure gives a break to the digestive system thus helping kidneys, liver and skin altogether to eliminate toxins. A must, at the turn of every season. On #foodhappiness and its many forms.

With love and cocoa beans,