Monday's declarations

What are your perfect Monday resolutions? May I get some time out of the hustle and bustle of my delicious working schedule, here ere are mine:

  • promise to only eat one sweet per day (as if it were easy, living in Paris);
  • get my beauty sleep and make it a plan not to go to bed after midnight for 10 days in order to balance my immune system;
  • practice Yoga Ashtanga/Flow/Bikram at least 4 times without, in the middle of it, finding it irresistible to go test that new recipe I dreamt about last night;
  • reserve those theatre tickets to go see Nos Femmes at Théâtre de Paris;
  • handwrite those letters to the most beautiful friends I've been blessed with;
  • get my heels back on and go back practising some Tango;
  • handmake some Madeleines in full #foodhappiness mode and pay a visit to the permanent collection at Musée Rodin.

With love and madeleines,