Join #Martini4Milano

The solemnity of the Duomo di Milano and la Madunnina, placed on its spire, while, on one side, a religious procession takes place with the faithful, oldest generations singing to sacred melodies whereas, on top of the restaurant Duomo 21 , lounge music plays harmoniously to get people in the mood for the night. That's my most vivid (and obviously contradictory, like most things in Italy) memory of Milano da bere.

#martini4milano4Literally meaning the drinkable Milan, this concept is linked to the image of the rampant fashion and trendsetter world of the Lombard capital. In Italy in the '80s we all knew by heart the characters of movies such as "Yuppies, I Giovani di Successo" , where the success of the young, smart and ambitious was celebrated, with an accent on turbo cars, easy money, fashionable designs, expensive women and well conceived cocktails.  About 100 metres from the imposing grandiloquence of the gothic monument, stands the Palazzo Martini, and it's world renown Terrazza, which now simbolically characterizes the most convivial time of the day: the aperitivo. I made my preliminary remarks on the theme in this video here.

#martini4milano1So, here is #martini4milano in a nutshell: 4 people, 3 experiences (aperitivo, cena and the Expo), 2 nights, 1 city: Milan.

I'm proud to announce that you can now participate to this animated and colorful experience. How? First of all, join the party by signing in with Martini at both their Facebook and Instagram page. You will be required to explain what is an aperitivo to you (for an insightful how to read my previous post here). A few of you guys will thus gain the chance to jump on a flight to Milan in order to live my same experience.


You'll get out of it all dazzled and aperitivoverwhelmed. And there's no better way to properly start the summer, don't you think?

With love, stuzzichini and an extra dry royale,