Magnetizing food ideas

To alkaline or not to alkaline? The discussion around the new A-list, B to follow celebrity diet, now sprung to prominence thanks to the New Year launch of Honestly Healthy Cleanse, a cookbook by best-selling author Natasha Corrett that evangelises alkaline-based eating and became an immediate top-seller on Amazon seems to be one of the main focuses of this January detox resolution, according to the Daily Mail. In an amazingly eye opening section, Forbes presents the 30 under 30 2015 in Food & Drink who are redefining what, and how, we consume.

Hot banana ketchup in the Philippines, salted fish intestines in Korea, fermented bean curd in China are among the world's most curious condiments according to The Telegraph.

Food labels seem to provide all the information a thoughtful consumer needs, so counting calories should be simple. Think again. Food labels tell only half the story: processed food make you fatter, softer foods are calorie-saving, it's maybe time to re-open the discussion. The Independent thinks that one idea would develop a “traffic-light” system on food labels, alerting consumers to foods that are highly processed (red dots), lightly processed (green dots) or in-between (amber dots).

Low on a budget? No probs, this article on The Guardian shows you just how even students can stay healthy and enjoy #foodhappiness. Stock up on fresh vegetables, buy meat from the butchers, shop in the evening for reduced price and most of all get organised. Save one day a week to do a big shop. Plan your meals so you don’t get tempted to overspend. Stock up on all your food groups in one trip and you’ll save money.

Tha National School Lunch Program, recently launched in the US, can keep the parents happy and the kids fed. Less salt and whole grains are provided in the numerous schools which are enrolling in the project, a subject analysed by The New York Times. Home packed lunches tend to be indulgent on the kid, containing sweets, desserts and white bread, nutritious elements which are not allowed in the program.

Most of all, enjoy!

With love and detox,