La pasta non aspetta

Pasta is not one to hang around. How true. It is so crucial to stir it with its sauce no more than a few seconds after having it drained. Unless, like me, you have a problem at spotting just the right product. But let me start from the beginning. Last week I got my hands on the most amazing Italian white truffle. It is definitely the season and is most certainly worth sharing it with someone who can appreciate it. I thought of a couple of dear friends, here in Paris, the kind that receive guests with the outmost attention to details. They are people whose heart matches their outer intentions. They just had a baby girl and, due to the couple's natural and very French discretion, they were protecting these first miracoulous weeks of paedology and tendress. Until I came around with the following suggestion: "Why don't I come at yours with some amazing products and cook for you guys?". Easier done than said, my friends sounded enchanted at the idea.

At the time (and let me underline it) I thought it best to combine this fabulous product with some egg tagliatelle pasta. I didn't have it on me, and found it difficult to boast it in the city of lights. So I headed to the grandest boutique filled with international delicacies in order to purchase the best quality one that would have married beautifully with truffles, butter and sage (the recipe I got directly from Alba, the Italian truffles capital).

Cooking time: 3 minutes (it said on the box). After 2 minutes, a few champagne glasses and the most perfect canapès (made by my "it only took me 2 minutes in between changing nappies " friend) , I'm ready to drain it off from the water and religiously mix the tagliatelle with its sauce until creamy.

But it was a disaster, a complete, total waste. The final product was as plastic as one of those miniaturized scale model you would find in a museum and my pride was all gone, let alone the shame at seeing that my loving friends, with an innate sense of sharing and loyalty, ate the whole thing and were able to keep their mouth shut.

And yet, without all my Pindaric flights, the best and most reliable solution was just on my groceries cupboard.

With Pasta Rummo I could have taken my time, I could have discussed with my friends while sipping champagne without having to worry about the pasta being overcooked even before the cooking time expiration. Had I used that particular pasta, I would have not felt so ashamed at the idea that the whole thing would have looked as pale as a pocket-handkerchief. Thanks to its Lenta Lavorazione®, an exclusive method which produces a peerless pasta, we want to tell the story of a voyage of rediscovery of the time of the artisan, epitomised by attention to detail."It was 1846 and machines were taking over the world. Their incessant humming seemed to say: "Faster, faster, even faster..." and the Rummo family wondered whether to pay more attention to the world of nature or that of man. "What is better for our pasta, the speed of man or the slowness of nature?" Nature herself suggested the answer: "Everything on earth happens in its own time, you need to listen, the pasta shall tell you how much time it needs…”.

Life is too short to eat bad pasta.

With love and spaghetti,