It's #romanity. Sneak peek #6

I am not fishing for compliments. fish1

But Romans are, constantly, all the time. The term "coatto" should ring a bell to all of those who seek the company of authentic Roman types. A coatto person is the kind of guy that you would find out at the local bar or square. Naturally restless, impatient at the monotony due to its inactivity, he tends to react with strong emotions and hence has a passion for the sport in general, motorcycles and modified sports cars.


The typical Roman guy believes the rest of us as apathetic, passive people. Don't mistake his quarrelsome behavior as really rude, in most cases it's just the after-effects of a lust for life. He would wear flashy clothing in contrast with the ordinary fashion. Most of the time you would see him reckless driving and doing hilarious bravado, within the instance of vitality, and a "will to live".


I am not fishing for compliments, really.


But I have a sense these fishes do.


Look at their shining skin, and those magnetic eyes..It's all about the eye really. When purchasing the right fish you should always stick with those carrying a vivacious allure with them. Make the choice of buying fishes which actually swim in our seas, in order to promote local businesses.


Choose fishese that are not too big in size: the bigger the fish, the greater is the possibility that it contains an accumulation of toxic substances. The only thing you should get toxic about is pristine, utter beauty.

The best days to consume fish in #romanity style are:

- Tuesdays: the fish is at its freshest. Beware of restaurants trying to serve you fish on a Monday in the eternal city, as it would be at least 2 days old. You would be left with a vague stomach-hache that no walk into #romanity could spare you.

- Fridays: Traditionally for the Catholic world, this is the day of Jesus Christ's passion, hence it's a meat-free day. Romans love the combination of codfish & chickpeas. In #foodhappiness we trust.


Have a lovely weekend,


All pictures here are too good to be true here thanks to the lens of Cucina Digitale