It's #romanity. Sneak peek #1

Rome, Rome, Rome. It's a ringer. What about it? It's decadent, magnetic, multi-faceted, suspended in time. Yes. But that, we all know.

photo credits  © Cucina Digitale

Nothing beats those orange splashed sunsets or the magic rays of lights on those knocking on heaven's door cupolas . How playful to run through its tiny, pizza flavoured streets. Oh boy, the Eternal City is a swinger.

photo credits  © Cucina Digitale

Now, be ready to take all that you think of Rome and turn it upside down in an unprecedented, refreshing way. Because we are going to explore the myriad of its aspects, its allure, its humanity;

Photo credits  © Cucina Digitale

Its spectral angles and controversial lightness of being, its immorality, its immortality;

Photo credits  © Cucina Digitale

Seasonability and sustainability don't overcome its inner and most authentic exuberance. Nor does time alter its unmistakable charm. It's romanity.

Photo credits  © Cucina Digitale

We'll give you the right tools to dream it,  feel it, live it.

That's what true #romanity is all about. Beware of imitations.

Confidential notice: this is a project that will drive you (nuts) directly into the most unusual,captivating, off-the-cuff, tasty Roman scenarios.

You'll be mesmerized. Stay tuned. 

a Romanity sneak peek by @ Cucina Digitale

What is Romanity for you?


Images courtesy of Cucina Digitale