5 Things to know about Food Happiness

  1. HANG OUT IN LOCAL MARKETS. It's the best for food creativity: not only you you will be filled with new ideas on how to use/cook your ingredients, but you will also get out of it with wonderful insights about local traditions.
  2. TRUST YOUR INGREDIENTS. When overwhelmed by the tasks in the kitchen, just take a deep breath and have an all round look at the food you're working on: some further confidence with help you enhance your outcome. Most of all, enjoy!
  3. TALK WITH THE ELDER. Since my very young age, I always found it extremely helpful to listen to the older generation. It is enchanting to discover the entire world of memories and sensations that can be hidden behind the making of an apple pie or a lasagna. They know just the right way to any cooking process. Definitely an inspiration.
  4. GOOD FOOD FOR A LONGER LIFE. Whenever going food shopping, either to a local market or to a supermarket, I always try to get the best ingredients on offer. It might cost me a tiny little bit more, but I surely save on potential health issues. Sometimes the best pepper looks like a monster, but that's the sign it didn't undergo any chemical treatments
  5. CLEAN AS YOU GO. In order to make the most of the time I'm waiting for that wonderful caprese cake to become perfectly crusty in the oven, I do the washing up. As unglamourous as that might be, but it can never be with the right gloves, it actually saves you time and effort, and once you'll be done with your cooking there will be nothing left to do but to enjoy your meal!

Over the next few days, I will be going further into details about each of the above points, for anyone of you out there who will be taking the time to go through it, welcome to my blog!