Haute Couture in the kitchen, Alain Ducasse Style

When I received a proposition to be part of a team of 6 and be enlightened with the secrets behind the signature dishes of the great French gourmet legendary chef Alain Ducasse, I couldn't possibly turn down the opportunity. It's been a three days, Parisian full-on experience on the most incontournable elements typical of the work of this French genius of the kitchen, who made his refined tastes available to a wide crowd, thanks to the opening of restaurants, cooking schools and the publishing of books alike declining the best addresses in cities such as Paris, Monaco and New York. On the menu for what has been a truly unforgettable experience, there was côte de veau de lait fermier avec gratin des legumes, homemade (but bien sur!)foie gras mi-cuit, stir fried Saint-Jacques with truffle flavoured bard juice. And then I found myself faced with the challenge of the most fighting, aggressive crustacean of all: the lobster. It was cooked in a delightful cocotte (an instrument which is normally used to ovencook eggs or vegetables) with penne pasta (yes, you hear me well, to be cooked as if with risotto, that is floating in stock - lobster one) and finely sliced black truffles. The most enchanting food creation, which will stay carved in my heart and imagination for ever, I guess. Because that's what the true pleasure of the kitchen is about: being in the moment and cherishing it. #foodhappiness, in other words. ducasse6I've been very lucky getting my hands on Alain Ducasse's yet-to-be-published book, containing the ultimate carnet for the authentic Parisian flâneur.

As Henri IV rightly put it well before me, Paris is worth a mass, but not only:

Merci, Monsieur Ducasse!

Enjoy your weekend,