Fans are my cup of tea

A fashion statement is nothing without a cup of tea. A fashion statement is indeed my cup of tea. Fashion and food are deeply interrelated. How? Well, to start with, there are certain textile designs that look just like foods. But that's just a hint. A chic fan in the middle of the winter ? But of course, it's a go-go. Early next year, chic meets foodtherapy, merging for a #fanhappiness moment. Take Eleonora Galasso, Roman to the fingertips and #foodhappiness ambassador. Go to Duvelleroy, Parisian home of fans since 1827 and still in the wind. Add a lot of greed and a little commedia dell'arte. The result: a unique culinary choreography, to discover in the heart of Paris early in 2015.

DUVELLEROY is the largest 19th century fan house, which reins have been taken in 2010 by two young women with a natural flair for fashion, heritage and craftsmanship. For almost 5 years, their fans have bloomed again in fashion shows, fashion magazines and store concepts worldwide. From this encounter is born a culinary performance in the new Paris boutique Duvelleroy where I will orchestrate a forgotten Italian pastry in 5 exclusive recipes and interpret a culinary choreography incorporating a fan.

Curious? Wait, you may soon get a Christmas present revealing a secret language. Did you know that food and fans have in common a language to be decoded? Chances are, next year fashion statement is at stake.

Stay tuned,


Photo Credits @shutterliving