Hello my name is Eleonora Galasso
I was born in Roma, live in Paris and like to share my skills and work everywhere around my food services!

At a young age Eleonora’s curiosity to explore the food cupboard of her great grandmother’s kitchen turned this little girl’s curiosity into a hobby and then eventually into a career. 

After graduating in the UK in the Business of Media she worked as a radio broadcaster in Paris and then Rome.  Whilst in Rome, Eleonora decided to put her degree into practise and became a journalist specialising in Art. 

She came up with an unusual way of trying to put her interviewees at ease - by inviting them to her home and cooking a meal for them. This worked so well that people began asking for lessons from her and requesting the recipes from the gorgeous lunches she was preparing. Eleonora decided to take the plunge and began running small cookery classes all over Rome.  

Her ambition was to make Italian culture part of these classes so began setting up venues for the lessons in old monuments, empty ancient catacombs and Roman Palazzo’s.Her students were thrown into the whole Italian experience. Her lessons became well renowned – drawing an A-List audience, including Ben Stiller. 

At that point, Eleonora began training at the Ateneo Italiano della Cucina in Rome whilst also completing a master’s degree in Gastronomy and Food Culture and collaborating with the National Italian Institute for Nutrition.

Today, Eleonora opens the doors to secret locations in the historical centre of Rome, Paris and London where she hosts amazing cooking workshops, pop ups and team building events, live demonstrations and speaking as well as collaborating with international brands.



Rome is steeped in history and tradition, and this is reflected in the sheer vibrancy and variety of its food. In As the Romans Do, Instagram star and Roman native Eleonora Galasso will take you on a journey amongst the houses, the sanpietrini, the tiny side streets, the palazzos, the traditions, the community and the hidden gems of this never ending, always eternal city. From quick and earthy breakfasts and vivacious al fresco meals to brilliant off-the-cuff dinner parties, you will find a recipe to suit every occasion.



Eleonora holds cooking classes in secret locations between Rome, Paris and London. Thinking of a team building event or simply a cooking class to dive into Italian cooking? Please get in touch with us and we'll have a made to measure experience created for you. 



Eleonora travels the world for her food events. Whether for a food festival, a food conference, a team building, a TV show, a private dinner or a cooking class, she will infuse that unmistakable foodie fun into the recipe and will make each experience unforgettable for her audience.